About Us

The agency was set up by Andrea, experienced nanny and being a household staff member in the past by herself has given her a greater insight into understanding families’ and large households' needs.

Her domestic staff recruitment agency sources the best childcare, household and home office staff candidates in London, throughout the UK and overseas. It aims to get to know the clients’ circumstances and requirements well and to become each client’s dedicated partner in finding the right people to fill in the domestic staff positions they are requiring.

The agency understands that every household or office is unique and therefore it takes the clients' requirements into careful consideration when it comes to choosing the right candidates. It supports and advises along the way to make everyone’s life easier and more enjoyable.

Ultimately, Supremely Private Staff helps to achieve successful employments which in turn bring valuable benefits to clients and they can focus on priorities with peace of mind.

It also advises candidates on their career opportunities and help them with best employment opportunities.

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+44 (0)20 8088 2210

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“I have been placed with a wonderful family as a nanny. The agency was supportive and helpful throughout the process.”


Linda, Weybridge