A butler normally works in a large household setting often with other staff and provides the traditional duties such as being in charge for the dinning room, wine cellar and pantry, as well as taking up a modern role which involves carrying out various household and personal duties for their employer that their deem fitting.


Their typical duties involve:

  • answering calls to the household phone, greet guests at the door, assisting in the planning of events and dinner parties, overseeing table settings, and serving drinks and food

  • providing personalized service to guests according to their preferences and likes

  • liaising with other staff and services to meet guests' needs

  • training new staff members, organising the payroll and the staff schedule, hiring and firing

  • other assistance for their employer's household and personal affairs according to their specific needs such as chauffeuring, housekeeping, cleaning, maintenance, budgeting, administrative and security duties