Dear Family

We source professional daily or live in nannies, nanny/housekeepers, night nannies, governesses and maternity nurses for busy but welcoming families like you! We believe that every family and every person can get the right match for themselves and we are here to help with finding the one. 

The procedure we follow: 

  • registration and consultation with the family

  • role listing

  • thorough interviews with candidates

  • shortlisting the candidates and collecting checked documentation (DBS, references, ID, first aid certificate, education background)

  • candidate interviewing by the family

  • contract draft

  • ongoing support regarding the contract, legal duties etc.


Please note that that the the agency fee is applicable if you would like to go forward with the candidate only. Please also kindly read our Terms & Conditions.


​Register below to activate the search for you. We will get back to you with our bespoke service.

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