Housekeeper (HK) Nanny, HK Cook, HK PA ...

Combined roles may be various and they are usually offered if the client doesn't require a full-time support in one area  but require assistance in other areas of household or office. The candidate should have experience in both areas where work is required. 

Housekeeper Nanny:

Besides housekeeping duties, they also carry out childcare when needed such as babysitting, dropping off/picking up from nursery/school, feeding and supervising. 

Housekeeper PA:

When they are done with house chores, they assist with PA duties such as planning and booking holidays, arranging household orders, organising household repairs, admin work for client's business. 

Housekeeper Cook: 

They also cook for the whole family members.

More examples: 

Housekeeper House Manager, Housekeeper Executive Assistant, etc.

Top candidates:

  • professional, flexible

  • experienced in areas the work is required

  • hold relevant qualifications