Terms & Conditions


1.1. "Agency" represents Supremely. The agency is a type of an introduction agency which means the family or employer pays a fee for introduction.

1.2. "Client" represents the family or an employer or third party representing them. 

1.3. "Candidate" represents an individual introduced to the Client by the Agency (child carer or other private staff).


2.1. With submitting the Registration Form, the Client or Candidate confirms they agree with the Terms and Conditions.


3.1. The Agency is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and thus complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. Therefore, the information that the Client or Candidate provide us is secure and will not be shared with anyone who is not directly involved with the process.


4.1. The Client acknowledges that the Agency does not employ the Candidate because it has an introductory role between Clients and Candidates only.

4.2. The Client confirms that they are aware of the different staffing options, their descriptions and duties either by reading the information on the website or information sent to the Client by the director of the Agency and will follow them.

4.3. The Client confirms that they have provided only true and honest information to the Agency and if any of the circumstances or requirements change, they notify the Agency.

4.4. The Agency introduces the best matched Candidates but the Client will have the final decision about who to choose.

4.5. The Client and the Candidate will agree on the Candidate’s responsibilities which will be described in a Contract.

4.6. The Client will give a fair payment to the Candidate which will be discussed before the placement starts.

4.7. The Client is responsible for the invitation letter or employment contract between the Client and Candidate which will be provided before the job offer will be made.

4.8. The client is responsible for the Candidate’s Tax, National Insurance and Pension Contributions as per government guidance. 

4.9. It is crucial that the Client informs about the Candidate if they have been introduced to them by other parties. The Agency will immediately end the engagement to this candidate. However, if the Client doesn’t mention this to the Agency, the Client will be still eligible for full payment.

4.10. The client agrees not to introduce in any way the Candidate's details to any other party, parents or agencies.

4.11. The Client has to give 1 month of notice to the Candidate if they would like to terminate the placement.

4.12. The Client’s responsibility is to have an insurance cover for Employers and Public Liability insurance for domestic workers.


5.1. The Candidate acknowledges that the Agency does not employ the Candidate because it has an introductory role between Clients and Candidates only.

5.2. The Candidate confirms that they have read all the information about the type of child care, their descriptions and duties and that they are eligible to work in the UK.

5.3. The Candidate confirms that they have provided only true and honest information to the Agency and if any of their circumstances or requirements change, they notified the Agency.

5.4. The Candidate agrees to not travel to the Client before confirmation from the Agency is sent. If the Client offers the placement directly to the Candidate without the Agency's knowledge, the Candidate must notify the Agency immediately.

5.5. After the Candidate receives information about the role and has an interview with the host family or an employer, the Candidate will only take the final offer from the Agency if they accept that the position is right for them.

5.6. The Candidate confirms that they will be able to cover costs for their travel, visas if needed, language courses, telephone calls and money in case of emergency.

5.7. The candidate confirms that they have a clean criminal record and that they will be able to obtain all information required by the Agency.

5.8. The candidate accepts that they will help and act according to the contract from the Client. This will be an agreement between the Candidate and the Client regarding the duties, hours, conditions and a payment. 

5.9. The Candidate agrees to carry out their role as required to a high standard and treat the Client with respect. The candidate also accepts and follows all rules set by the host family or employer, for example, not smoking, not having visitors or similar and never disclose personal information of the Client to a third party. The candidate must stay with the Client until the end of the placement or until the time agreed.

5.10. The Candidate agrees that they will discuss with the Client about any form of discipline, and never hit children, shout at them or leave them on their own.

5.11. The Candidate accepts that in case of problems, they will seek a resolution with the Client. If that cannot be reached, you can give 1 month notice for termination. If a case of serious misconduct occurs, the placement will terminate immediately. The candidate must also inform the Agency before leaving the Client.

5.12. The Candidate confirms that that information collected by the Agency is strictly confidential and they do not publish or share it.


6.1. There is no registration fee unless it was agreed differently. 

6.2. The Client pays the fee for introduction when they are happy with the Candidate's introduction and before the Candidate’s arrival unless it is about a temporary staff worker and their agency payment will be based on a monthly subscription. The invoice will be sent via email.


7.1. During the first month of the start of the placement the Client can still ask for a free replacement if they send an acceptable reason for this via email.


8.1. If the Client does not want to accept the replacement Candidate, the Client will be refunded as follows: 0-2 weeks: 75%, 2-4 weeks: 50%, 4-8 weeks: 25%


9.1. If there was a serious misconduct to a Candidate or Client, they can terminate the placement immediately.

10. LAW

10.1. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales.

10.2. The agency has the right to update these terms and conditions.