Night Nanny

Nanny nanny is taking care of a baby throughout the night until later in the morning. They are often hired by new parents to help with their newborns to establish sleeping routines that will transition beyond the night nanny's time of care. With that, they allow parents to get sleep and keep up with demands of their job. 


The night nanny's typical working hours are 8/9 pm-6/7 am and they normally rest when the baby is sleeping and wake up with the baby at all hours of the night. 

Baby's Room

Typical Duties: 

  • bedtime routines, settling the baby to sleep

  • bottle-feeding in the night

  • changing nappies

  • bathing

  • comforting the baby

  • preparing and sterilising the baby's bottles

  • dressing the baby in the morning

  • cleaning a circumcision and/or umbilical cord

  • can teach or advise on sleep routine, breast and bottle feeding, colic, reflux, winding, teething, nursery temperatures

Usual cost:

  • Night nanny for a single baby: £10-16 per hour

  • Night nanny for twins: £15-22 per hour

  • Nanny for triplets: £15-25 per hour

Night Nannies work on a self-employed basis.

Newly qualified nannies can charge less. 

Top night nanny candidates: 

  • paediatric nurses, midwives, maternity nurses, nannies with extensive newborn experience

  • trained in breast and bottle feeding, weaning, colic and reflux, teething, nursery temperatures, post natal depression, sleep training, working with multiple babies