Our Five-Stage Recruitment Process Explained

To provide you with the best recruitment experience and ultimately to deliver the best staff for you, we following our five-stage recruitment process.

The first and most important stage is understanding your staffing needs and your circumstances. Discussing this will help us understand the intricacies of your home or office and what type of employee will work well for you. Here are some sample questions for you to think through:

  • What work needs to be done?

  • How many hours will be required?

  • How many people you need to employ?

  • What skills and experience are necessary to do this work?

  • How would the new staff benefit your home or office?

  • What is your budget? What salary and benefits could you offer?

  • What can you do to ensure employee retention?

This information is important so that the right people with the right skills are brought in. We understand that every client’s requirements are unique, so we can help you to refine your criteria and offer a candidate that you wish to hire.

Once we have the details of your requirements and circumstances, we start with a discreet and thorough candidate search. We carefully check the candidates in our database and search for new prospective employees ensuring a detailed background check and obtaining references of each candidate. We appreciate your time, so we narrow down and find the most suitable candidates for you and present you with the ones that we believe are the most qualified and match the profile you outlined.

The next stage is preparing you for your own interview with the candidates. We guide you and advise you on the structure of the interview and good questions to use to ensure that you discuss and analyse the candidates well. After the first interviews, you can then ask for a 1-3 day trial period with the best candidate in order for them to demonstrate their service at the workplace so that you further assess your mutual compatibility.

So, you have decided to go ahead with the candidate. You offered the job in writing and the candidate accepted the offer. Before the candidate’s work commencement date, a contract will need to be prepared and signed. Please note that although we cannot give legal advice, we can connect you with relevant service providers. At that stage, the agency fee will be due which includes a replacement guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Throughout the process, from your enquiry to providing the best talent and aftercare, we support and advise to ensure that the transition from candidate to your employee goes smoothly and placement is successful.