Alternative Home Help to Tackle School Pressure

There is more and more pressure in schools as time goes by and kids grow and every parent's wish is for their kids to be successful learners in their lives. A tutor may be an extra help for children in striving the best as one to one arranged tuition may represent that a lot is achieved in a quicker time.

Advantages for Children

– tutoring tailored to the learner’s needs, which accelerates the learning process and makes greater outcomes – efficient help when the learner is struggling with their studies – great help for exam preparations (entry for secondary schools, 11+ exams, etc.) – learning a second or foreign language – challenging the child to stretch their abilities – support in subjects they show a genuine interest for

So what is another way?

To hire a tutor can cost £20-£50 per hour, and besides other required needs for home and education of children, it can be quite expensive. However, there is another option which can mean busy families' a big relief: Combining an au pair and tutor.


Au Pairs can offer more than normal. Usually they are educated and often have teaching qualifications or experiences. For busy families looking for help with their home and childcare while also considering of taking a tutor, an Au Pair Tutor might represent a perfect solution. It meets a wider area of a families' needs. There are great benefits for both host family and Au Pair, because while it often means affordable childcare, cultural experience and tutoring for families, it also has great values for Au Pair Tutors. They receive free and safe accommodation with boarding and an opportunity to stay and learn about a new culture, travel and meet new friends. There is also an option for them to work as a supply teacher at local schools, gain international experiences and pursue their teaching career in the UK.