Prepare a Good Domestic Staff Job Offer

When you have found the one, it is best to communicate your offer to the candidate on the phone and then confirm it in writing on email. When doing so, keep in mind that the job seekers are looking for a good contract, duties they can manage efficiently, work placement where they feel appreciated and help them grow and the employer with whom they could build functioning working relationships and stay long-term or for the time required.

Job Offer Template

(Candidate's full name and address)


Dear (Candidate's name),

We are excited to offer you the role of [name of the position]. You have impressed us with [list of qualities].

Please review the following terms and conditions of your employment and let us know if you wish to accept this offer.

Position: As [name of the position], you will report to [full name of the employer or domestic staff manager]. Your regular duties include [list of duties].

Employment Commencement: [start date]


Probation period: The probation period is applicable for the period of [number of weeks or months]

Compensation: Your annual base salary will be (amount) paid for [the length of period]. This salary is subject to deductions for taxes as required by law. For any overtime, you will be paid (amount per hour).

Hours per week: This is a [Full-Time/Part-Time/Seasonal] position requiring [number] hours per week.

Benefits: As our employee, you will be eligible for [list of benefits such as pension or accommodation].

Holidays: Paid time off is accrued at [number of days per year] in addition to [number] of bank holidays.

Employment Relationship: We will consider you as (for example: respectful and valuable employee) and will maintain (for instance: a positive and constructive relationship).

Additional Agreements: As an employee, you will be required to sign (list of agreements)

before your employment start date.

We look forward to hearing from you!


(Your Name & Title)