How to Prepare a Good Host Family Presentation Letter

A Family Presentation letter or Dear Au Pair letter is a good way to introduce who you are as a family, what your wishes are and what you will be able to offer.

We suggest that you include the following information.

  • FAMILY MEMBERS: their names and personalities

  • PARENTS' OCCUPATIONS: what you do for a living, how busy you are

  • LOCATION, HOUSE DESCRIPTION: what you can do in the area, what the house looks like

  • CHILDREN’S EDUCATION: do they go to nursery or school, how far is it etc.

  • FAMILY INTERESTS: what do you like to do in your free time

  • AU PAIR EXPERIENCE: your childcare experience, did you have an au pair before or will this be your first experience

  • REQUIREMENTS AND IDEAL AU PAIR: what is most important to you, what would be ideal

  • WHAT YOU CAN OFFER: what benefits will the au pair be getting, what kind of host will you be like

  • PHOTOS: family portrait or at least photos of your children, photos of au pair accommodation

The family letter would ideally be 1-2 pages long. It is important that you prepare a good family presentation letter because the better it is the more au pairs will be attracted to your offer.