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5 Simple Steps When Interviewing a Nanny or Housekeeper

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

It is undeniable that interviewing a candidate is an important stage. It is important to ask the right questions, listening well to the answers but also observing the candidate whilst having in mind the things that matter to you the most and the interviewee's relation to that.

For a successful interview, we suggest to follow these simple steps:

1) How to prepare yourself. Before the interview, it is important to have a thorough think about what things regarding the role and candidate carrying them out matter to you the most and you would not negotiate on and things that you could. Then, read all the information about the candidate and make notes if there is anything you would like to hear more.

2) Starting the interview. At the beginning of the interview, of course, introduce yourself and your family - be welcoming, approaching and positive. Make a good impression but stay true to yourself. Show your personality, the best version of who you are.

3) Presenting the role. Tell the candidate briefly about the job you are offering. Be clear. You would like to see if the candidate ticks everything required and what else they can offer.

4) Questions. Ask questions about their experience and character. Ensure that the candidate understands the role and watch how the candidate is responding - is there any uncertainty, negativity, evasiveness, etc.?

Here are some useful questions:


  • Tell us about yourself?

  • What are your hobbies and interests?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • How do you handle stress?

  • What motivates you or makes you happy?

  • What are you looking in an employer?


  • What do you enjoy most about working with children?

  • How do you handle a crying child? How do you feel at the time?

  • Have you ever been in an emergency situation? How did you handle it?

  • What do you think is your primary responsibility of my child's age?

  • When you last cared for a child, what types of activities did you engage the child in?

  • How do you discipline a child?


  • What do you like about housekeeping?

  • What is your concept of a clean house?

  • What are your strengths in your housekeeping job?

  • What type of food you like to cook?

Additional questions:

  • Are you comfortable with having a (paid) trial with us?

  • Do you have any questions for us?

5) Thank the candidate for their time and let them know if you think they did very well and that you will make a decision soon.

Finally, keep in mind that you wish to take your domestic worker as a partner - as in every relationship, it is important to know each other and build trust. Show your personality and hear the candidate about their life. Talk about expectations clearly early on.

If you would like to go forward with the candidate, consider offering the work arrangement so that it will suit both of you. In order for the placement to work in the long run, the employment should be fair and set it up in a way that will keep you both happy and motivated.

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