Questions to Ask Your Potential Maternity Nurse

A family may hire a Maternity Nurse to support and guide them through the first few weeks or months of their baby's arrival. It is a particular sensitive time and as a family you would like to ensure that the right maternity nurse is with you. When it comes to choosing the one, you may want this person to have many proven experiences working with babies as well as that the person is a match personality-wise.

The following questions may help you to conduct effective interviews with the candidates.

  • Why did you choose to become a maternity nurse and how long have you been working as a maternity nurse? What duties have you been carrying out?

  • Have you had any difficult challenges at your past placements and if so, how did you handle it?

  • What aspects of the job you like the most and what least?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Please give an example when your were resourceful at your job.

  • Are you organised? If so, how does this show at your job?

  • Are you flexible and adaptable?

  • Can you provide adequate breastfeeding support and help with nutrition for a breastfeeding mother?

  • Do you have experience with babies who do not latch appropriately?

  • Can you advise on expressing breast mils and how to store it?

  • Do you have experience working with babies who have suffered from Colic, reflux, tongue tie?

There are normally different needs and expectations with every family, so it is advisable to consider the topics below and then go through them with the candidates. With that, you can hear the candidates' views on the most important subjects for you and observe their responses.

Example of topics to discuss with candidates:

  1. Duties and your expectations (support in baby care and for parents)

  2. Your lifestyle and personality (what kind of person you like cooperating with)

  3. Your views on routines and methods (open to new methods introduced by the maternity nurse or you have your own routines that you want the nurse to follow)

  4. Working arrangement (will it be a 24 hour help or only during days or nights, where can the nurse rest, how long will you need your nurse for)

  5. Communication with you (e.g. what is best mean to contact you when you are not around, would you like the maternity nurse to use an app for updating the information on the baby's nights, weight, etc.)

  6. Meal times

  7. The goal you want to achieve by having the support of a maternity nurse

  8. Maternity nurses’ rate, deposit and retainers, cancellation policy and any other requirements