11 Tips for a Successful Nanny Job Interview

Here is an important checklist of 11 actions towards your success:

1. PLAN YOUR WAY TO THE MEETING: receive precise information regarding location of the house (you can even google it) and their telephone number. Have your mobile internet working for Google Maps, just in case. Arrive rather 10 minutes earlier than late, but call them and apologize if you are running a bit late.

2. KNOW THEIR NAMES AND BASIC INFORMATION: gather as much information as possible.

3. CALL THEM (or leave a message) BEFORE YOU GO THERE TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND ANNOUNCE YOU ARE COMING: you can also double-check about the address etc.

4. CLEAN, SMART AND TIDY APPEARANCE: make a good impression with the family, don't wear too much of jewellery, wear smart clothes but comfortable enough to play with children and getting to know them more.

5. BRING RELEVANT DOCUMENTATIONS: you can show them your childcare qualifications/training certificates, DBS, Paediatric First Aid Certificate, written references from previous employers, anything you this is relevant


7. IF CHILDREN ARE THERE, INTERACT WITH THEM: start bonding with children immediately, make an eye contact with them, have a smiley face, be approachable and friendly, talk to them, if baby, ask if you can hold him/her and play with him/her, create happy environment, you want them to like you!

8. USE FORMAL AND GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT ENGLISH: communicate well, be a role model to children

9. BE HONEST WITH YOUR ANSWERS: if there is any previous negative experience you have to talk about, always end this on the positive note

10. LET IT BE A SMOOTH CONVERSATION: don't use yes/no answers only; be prepared to answer to any questions well; you want to reassure the parents that the children under your care will be safe and developmentally supported; be confident, knowledgeable and respectful; let it be a friendly and smooth conversation

11. THANK THEM FOR THEIR TIME: it is also recommended to follow up with a text or emailing a few hours later to thank the parents for their time and that you are looking forward their decision being made