Personal Assistant

A Private Personal Assistant (PA) is proactive, meticulous and exceptionally organised person who can take various roles in the running of everyday tasks associated with the professional, home and personal life of their employer such as booking appointments, making reservations, organising transport and supporting admin duties.


PA can significantly increase the efficiency of a business and the running of household. They take responsibility of different tasks from the employer and enable the employer to be more effective, organised and productive.


Typical duties and responsibilities:

  • event planning both business and family focused

  • diary management: organising appointments, meetings, travel itineraries

  • family PA duties: liasing with the children's school, clubs, coordinating their diaries

  • running errands

  • making travel arrangements, booking hotels

  • managing and recruiting other household staff

  • office management: tracking bills, invoices and other bookkeeping duties, administrative support

  • handling budgeting and managing personal finances

  • project management: liasing with staff on projects

  • attending business meetings